Sábado 16 de Junio: MORTEM + HADEZ en el concierto LARVA FEST IV en PIURA - Pre Venta s/.50


RAVENOUS (Thrash Metal Crossover) desde Chiclayo-Perú están preparando su debut: "MASACRE VORAZ"

RAVENOUS pronto demo MASACRE VORAZ desde Chiclayo/Perú

sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Black Kvlt Fest II - Day 2

Del 17 al 19 de octubre
5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami 33137

Come join us as we gathered for this 2nd annual of the Black kvlt fest 2014. This time we support USBM and giving you a better, bigger underground black metal fest that Black kvlt production has to offer. We will have 20 bands. Each 10 bands on both nights with 2 stages inside and out of Churchills pub. Come be part as we make black metal history again in Miami, FL.

This year Featuring headline: Thy Antichrist (Colombia/Texas) & Vesterian (California)
plus many more


Two day online presale advance package: $15

You can get them at,

Additional Acts for Friday, October 17, 2014

Door cover: $20

Black Kvlt Stage (Main Stage)

Tetragrammaton: 8:30pm - 9pm

Promethean Horde (Tampa,FL): 9:30pm - 10pm

Secrets she kept (Tampa,FL): 10:30pm - 11pm

Wormreich (Alabama) :11:30pm - 12:05am

Holocaust (California): 12:40am - 1:10am

Vesterian (California) (Co Headliner) :1:30am - Close

AntiChrist Stage (Outside Stage)

Death Talisman VII: 8pm - 8:30pm

Reapermanser: 9pm - 9:30pm

HellFrost (Naples,FL): 10pm - 10:30pm

Vitreous (Gainesville, FL): 11pm - 11:30pm

Sivad (Tennessee): 12:05am - 12:35am

Additional Acts for Saturday, October 18, 2014

Door cover: $20

Black Kvlt Stage (Main Stage)

Faethom: 8:30pm - 9pm

The Noctambulant (Jacksonville,FL): 930pm - 10pm

Nakhiel (Tampa): 10:30pm - 11pm

Ancestor (Cuba/Miami): 11:30pm - 12am

Thy Antichrist (Colombia/Texas) (Headliner): 12:30am - close

AntiChrist Stage (Outside Stage)

Nothing and everything: 7:50pm - 8:20pm

Gnosis ( Featuring members from Devastator and Sinistre Division): 9pm - 9:30pm

Putrid Christ (Minnesota): 10pm - 10:30pm

Solemn Curse (Texas): 11pm - 11:30pm

Helgardh (West Virginia): 12am - 12:30am

Doors at 7pm
First band at 8pm

Both Nights: 7pm - 3am

Thy Antichrist: (Black Metal from Medellin,Colombia,South America since 1998)100% confirmed! First time in Miami, Florida! Exclusive ritual!...

THY ANTICHRIST rises in august 1998 in Medellin, Colombia - South America

Initially, the project was called " El Anticristo", based upon the Friedrich Nietzche book "The Antichrist".

Andres Vargas (Antichrist 666) is the founder member and lead singer frontman, musical director, manager and lyrics composer.

THY ANTICHRIST plays a Tragic Existentialist Black Metal, where dogmas and religions that have enslaved mankind under the mythic shapes of gods are disdained. THY ANTICHRIST represents the first consciousness of man as his own God or Satan "Ad libitum"

Mythical hell of THY ANTICHRIST is into the existence of our own mankind. Voice and music of THY ANTICHRIST is voice of anguish and human suffering, is the bitter voice of Nietszche, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlain, Poe, Cioran, Hesse, Camus, Hector Escobar and the inspiration of other existentialist writers that talk to mankind with the cruel reality. We are the voice of millions of people that fade in pain by the unstoppable running of time and its chaos. THY ANTICHRIST is the hammer that breaks the ficticious illusion of the dogmatic religious system and its commercial machinery and burocratic of a spiritual cheat.


"Resutem Preludio" EP 2016. Death Metal Blackened Depressive desde Trujillo-Perú