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ACERO Y MAR Rock Festival en CHIMBOTE presenta: Bestial Possession, CAOS, Mandrágora, Gatos Locos, Wakas, Opresión y más en Machineros Rock Bar

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CAOS (Piura). OPRESIÓN (Nuevo Chimbote) y ATROSIS (Chiclayo) están en COMANDO THRASH ZINE #2 incluye CD Compilatorio

sábado, 9 de enero de 2010


Formed in 1993 as Funeral Mist, Lima, Peru’s Illapa have continued in the vein of dark and driving South American black metal they helped pioneer. Illapa released their first full length in 1995, "Deshonestos Y Hechiceros", (Dishonest and Enchanting); a monumental effort of blasting, thrashing and epic madness. The group also released an EP in 2008 featuring different versions of songs that are now included on the newest release, "Lascivo Culto Solar". I am usually skeptical when a band produces a great debut album and then doesn’t release any material for, in this case, 13 years. "Lascivo Culto Solar" also opens and closes with uncharacteristically keyboard laden and noise-sample textured pieces that are both under 2 minutes, which at first had me wondering if the band had totally changed their direction. Once the main body of songs on the album begins, the listener is at once greeted by familiar Illapa aggression. Illapa seem to have the ability to work up great, slow and moody pieces that would otherwise function well as a complete song and then begin a fast and blackened thrash attack. The chord progressions and overall musicality of Illapa’s work boasts sounds that are at once familiar to metal-heads without sounding redundant or unoriginal. Now the band prepare the third Cd.

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Dark Desires (Guitar-Bass-Keyboard) and El Supay (Drums-Percussions)

Illapa Cd. “Lascivo Culto Solar” (Perú) (2009) http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3Lm1lZGlhZmlyZS5jb20vP2wxdG10NXpucm8y
Illapa Cd. “Deshonestos y Hechiceros” (Perú) (re-edit 2008)

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Coming Soon Full-Length 3Cd

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